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Monday, October 3, 2011

September /October (Early Fishing )
Not sure where to start ---but we have some of the best fishing of the season in Sept and Early October ---There have been very Large Striped Bass along the beach --- averaging over 40 inches in large numbers --- it has been one of the best Months on record -- all have been caught on live Macks tight to the beach . One trip last week with good client Tom Newman pictured at the right we had several fish over 45 inches - and in the 40 lbs range -photo is attached. Tom fished with me in early Sept and had several great days ! It has been a spectacular few weeks !!!!! The water temps were still in the 60s here in early October which means we will will have a few more weeks of great fishing . 
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Stripers are here !
Each day we have more stripers pouring into our area (Pistcataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor )We are having surface feeds in the early am hours across the the whole harbor and river . The stripers are keyed in on little Herring about 1/2 inch to 2 inches long in a big way . Bigger fish are starting to set up in the deeper parts of the river ---with several fish over 40 inches being taken daily. The Mackeral have arrived offshore in big numbers
Things are happening in a big way and I anticipate the fishing to continue to get better as we progress thru the month -----still have several days open in mid and  late June ---give me a call on the cell for the latest reports and conditions 
Captain Peter Whelan     
Putting the finishing touches to the new boat the Miss Jodine (it is bad luck to change the name )---- mouting the electronics etc --redoing the livewell --etc . I will post some pictures over the next few weeks . The Whale will be on its way to Marblehead Ma at the end of the month . Already hearing reports of Herring in the runs here in New Hampshire -it looks like it will be an early start to the Striper season . Give me call to reserve the best dates 603-205-5318.
We are getting gearing up for the Tuna fish which should arrive at the end of July   --- with some new tackle etc .
The boat has been put away for the season ----- we still have some Tuna offshore as the last schools move south. I am in the process of taking delivery of a new boat (1996 model Mako 23 ft ) and repowering it with a 2010  225 hp Yamaha 4 stroke. For the 2010 season I will be fishing out of a new boat and motor --this 23 Mako has an engine bracket which will allow much more fishing room in the back of the boat and with a new 225 four stroke will be much quieter on the water. My old Mako The Whale-- a classic 1978 version will be retired ---kinda of hard to do since I have been fishing out of that boat since 1978 and have caught thousands of fish on it ----- and lots of great stories as it has fished everything from Tuna to Winter flounder in all types of conditions  and always performed above all my expectations for a boat
It will be sold this winter to some lucky angler ---hopefully continuing its fish catching history. The Mako boats built prior to 1998 were still built in the Miami factory - hand laid glass - and were some of the best center console fishing boats ever built --in terms of ride and seaworthness
I hope everyone has a great winter ---- I will be very busy preparing this new boat for the 2010 season along with attending some of the Fishing and tackle shows this winter 
You can reserve on line key dates for the 2010 season ---as always give me call on the cell to check on tides etc for 2010---- 603-205-5318   
The Piscataqua has been fishing very well the past few weeks ---multiple early am blitzes --the striped Bass are on small herring and have been very selective and keyed in on this bait ---lots of birds and busting fish
The fall run this year should be excellent with the volume of bait currently in the river and Great Bay
No major reports of Bluefish yet
The big news is the Tuna bite offshore ----- major schools of Tuna in the 130 -200 lb range are now up in our area ---with major surface feeds --most of the action is taking place offshore near Jefferies ledge in the deeper water and can change rather quickly as the Tuna are pushing the bait north at the current time. The past 2 weeks has seen some of the spectacular surface feeds with whales etc feeding around the Tuna pods
Throwing sluggos with Spinning gear has been the choice by most boats chasing the Tuna ------ several boats have reported multiple hookups during the day
Still have a few Sept dates open for the fall run ---give me a call at 603-205-5318    
6-27 The Piscataqua and near shore areas along the New Hampshire and Maine coasts are seeing some great fishing. The continual North East to East winds have blown in lots of bait along our shorelines and with this has come the Bass in sizes from 23 to 29 inches along with some 36 inch to 45 inch fish which have been feeding very actively. Despite constant winds coupled with rain and fog we have seen some of the best early season Striped Bass fishing in years. Unlike past years where the biggest fish have been offshore ---the nearshore fishing has been great. Live Macks or pollock has been very effective. Despite the weather which will most likely break this week --- the Bass seem to like the overcast gray foggy skies. Bluefish are starting to show up ---mainly smaller fish in the 3-5 lb size. Still have some dates left in July --call 603-205-5318 or check the website  
 6-15   The Piscataqua River has been fishing excellent with lots of Striped Bass in the 18-26 inch range with the occasional 40 inch fish ---with early am being the best time---lots of very small herring which the Bass seemed to be very focused on in their feeding paterns --fish the shorelines and look for the gulls sitting on the shore -- mackerel have become less numerous offshore ---but we are seeing very large schools of pollock in the river the past few days which is very good news ---smaller flies have produced very well -- along with with some larger patterns fish deep for bigger fish during the blitzes
Some tuna reports offshore --but these seem to be schools moving thru and heading north
As always give me call on the cell for the latest updates 603-205-5318 --still have a couple dates available here in June and early July for Striped Bass charters both Fly and Light Tackle.   

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